Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dressing like a grownup

Role reversals are always amusing.

Accordingly, it was hilarious to go shopping with the Roo-girl this past weekend.

Because we were not shopping for her (SHOCK!!!), but for me.

After 29 years of wearing jeans and t-shirts and flipflops, I was in need of "business casual" -- something I am sadly lacking in my closet.

Because, really, I'm a little backwards when it comes to dressing up.

I was the bane of my mother's existence. The most put-together woman ever gave birth to a tomboy who grew up to prefer function over form.

I guess the karma wheel had to swing hard in the other direction when that same tomboy gave birth to the original girlie-girl.

Funny how these things work out, huh?

Anyway, a-shopping we did go -- twice. Once just the two of us (well, Wonderhubby was there too, but he was merely an observer) and then with my friend J and her daughter A, our intrepid shopping partners in crime.

And a complete role reversal it was too.

Because I kinda stood back and let them buzz around the stores and dress me.

Hilarious, really, to watch my daughter plow through racks and pull out possibilities.

Pathetic (and highly reminiscent of my childhood) to have my girlfriend bring pants and tops back to the dressing room while I tried on outfit after outfit.

When all was said and done, I came home with several pairs of pants, some sweaters, a blouse or two and a really nice blue tweed jacket. (The jacket did NOT pass the 14-year-old acceptability test, but J and I liked it and overruled their veto.)

Did I spend too much money? Yep.

Did I have a good time? Sure.

Was it worth it to walk into my daughter's room on Monday morning in my black slacks, white blouse, tweed jacket and heels and have her pronounce me "very professional"?

You betchum.


LceeL said...

Yah - that all depends upon what she meant by "Professional".

nikki said...

Dude, Roo needs to learn you can never go wrong with a well fitting tweed jacket....

Burgh Baby said...

Thank goodness Roo didn't try to convince you that really short shorts were absolutely appropriate.

Karen said...

I think we have the same lives, on different coasts. My mom tried so hard to put me in frills and lace and I was all about the jeans and tees. My daughter insisted on taking ballet at age 3 and wearing hot pink lace. God truly has a sense of humor.

justmylife said...

I know my closet doesn't have one thing that would be considered business casual...T-shirts and jeans, baby.....And sweats, I live in sweats. Glad Roo approved of your first day outfit. I must admit it would be nice to go shopping for myself for a change.

Kila said...

Awesome :)

That'll be my oldest son's job as I age and lose my taste.

PorkStar said...

nice nice!

Janet said...

Yep. This tomboy has the quintessential girly-girl. And DeBoy is showing signs of girli-girl as well, but we'll not worry about that. If he wants to wear pink, so be it.
When the kids go to school and I have to go back to work, I'm going to have to do the major shopping thing too. Can I borrow Roo?

Jaina said...

Yay for new clothes. And how thrilling for the Roo Girl to be able to help you choose all of them.

Janet said...

woohoo! Can we see a pic of the jacket?

Stacie said...


I need some helpful shoppers to go with me.

Daisy said...

My daughter keeps threatening to send me to What not to Wear!

Jenni said...

We need pictures. Also, does this growing up thing come with a certain age deadline? Because I'm not feeling the desire to try business casual. The last time I tried I was told that some of my picks were more "naughty teacher" than professional and I'm afraid my business casual is too casual. (Like, can I wear a baseball cap?) Please share your fashion tips!

Joanna said...

Suddenly I'm glad I don't have a daughter because my Mom and I would fight in the dressing room. And it was not pretty.

Pamela said...

that is the only way to shop. Stay in the little room and let people throw stuff at you.

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