Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A little lip service

"Why didn't you tell me that J-bear pierced her face?"

Yes, that IS an interesting way to start a conversation, don't you think?

The funny thing is ... the answer I got from Wonderhubby to this question was a stunned "HUH????"

Because he didn't know either.

Apparently, her chin/lower lip (whatever you call it) was pierced at least a month ago.

I actually think it had been at least a month since I had seen J-bear face to face. She goes to school full time, works full time and has karate responsibilities now that she's a black belt. She really isn't around much.

Wonderhubby, on the other hand? Rode in a car with her not long ago -- as a passenger -- giving him ample opportunity to see her profile and the lovely nail-like thing protruding from her face.

But he didn't notice.


I dunno. Selective vision to go with his selective hearing? Probably. (Hi, honey! I love you!)

I think it just truly didn't enter his consciousness that this was possible and therefore wasn't looking for it and THEREFORE didn't see it.

Me? I did a full-on doubletake. Couldn't miss the damned thing. It all but screamed at me.

Now I know that facial piercings are no big deal these days. Everyone's doing it. Noses, eyebrows, upper lips, lower lips, tongues. Let's not even get INTO the piercings that people can't see when they meet you for the first time.

Whatever. I'm old school. Ears are the extent of my piercing worldview. If you want something pierced, go for it. I just won't do it myself.

(Although at one point, I admit my girlfriend and I had a pact that we were going to pierce our belly buttons the year she turned 40 and I turned 50. That magic moment passed six years ago, and neither of us went through with it. And never will.)

Anyway, a lip piercing seemed out of character for J-bear, and so it rocked me.

On the other hand, considering the tattoo that covers most of her back, I guess maybe I shouldn't have been.

Oh, did I not mention the tattoo before?

Heh. Sorry about that.


Natalie said...

aw...she's cute. metal bar sticking out of her face and all.

i will turn 40 this year. maybe i should pierce something...hm...

nikki said...

I love my tattoo!

I once dated a guy that had nippple piercings. It was...uh...weird to say the least.

Jenni said...

Danny's cousin got his nipples pierced. His wife wanted it. Actually, I think she might have hers pierced, too. I don't know. I found something else to do when the topic came up.

And the belly button? NOOOOOO! ACK! I have this thing about people or things touching my belly button too much. It really freaks me out.

A small nose stud can look very nice, but I have to wonder about the stalagtites that might form on that post. Wouldn't it be hell when you had a cold?

Indigo said...

My daughters looking to do the tattoo thing. I'm cringing thinking about it. Her husband is in Iraq but he does have both arms and torso tattooed extensively (trust me there were no good first impressions there).

Me? I've had my bellybutton tattooed and my eyebrow. Eyebrow wasn't the best decision as it left a scar when I took it out a few years ago. (Hugs)Indigo

Karen said...

I absolutely love that while you freak out about things like this, you're all about supporting the kids. The initial shock is very much just that, isn't it?

Stacie said...

lol...men aren't into the details. ;)

justmylife said...

Both of my boys have tats. The oldest just one on his back, some sort of symbol. The youngest has three, His intials on his bicep, a cross in memory of a friend on his forearm and a naked trucker chick on his other bicep. Yes I am so proud. Neither is into piercing as far as I know and if I can't see it I don't want to know.

Husbands notice nothing, LM had a haircut for 3 days before I pointed it out to him. He never noticed.

red pen mama said...

I pierced my lip when I was 22 years old -- had a ring. I loved it, and was sad to take it out when I had to go get a "real" job. When I pierced it, I was writing for an alternative newspaper, so it wasn't an issue.

As a mom with a tattoo, I'm sure this will be an issue with my own children. DearDR feels much more strongly about it that I do (against). I'm pretty much like: nothing above the shoulders. As far as piercing, again, I don't really care, but hubby will have opinions, and I will probably have to back him up. oh well!

once they turn 18, it's pretty much out of your hands anyway.


Janet said...

it looks nice on her :-)

what's the tat of?

At my Dad's memorial service, I noticed a teeny diamond on the nostril of one of their oldest friends...thought it was pretty cool that someone in their late 60s would do that!

Kaytabug said...

My belly is pierced as is my tongue. one ear has 4 piercings, the other 5(one is in the upper cartilage)I was 16 when I pierced my nose. I still think of redoing it.

Now I am curious about her back tat! Do tell!

Janet said...

I'm thinking of all the possible face piercings, that one would be least in my way.
Tongue? Can't eat or speak properly.
Nose? I have allergies.
Eyebrow? I have an old car wreck scar that itches frequently.
And I already have 3 holes in one ear and 4 in the other.
My belly button is no longer available for public consumption.
I had decided to get a tattoo when I turned 40. Mostly I couldn't decide what I wanted, then I finally just gave up the idea because it would be too painful and too permanent.
So I had kids instead.

Burfica said...

okay I think J bear is a looker, but that roofing nail in her lip/chin that is just ugly. Now tatoos as long as they are done well, I don't have a problem with those, considering I have three pretty good size one's.

abritdifferent said...

I think I would have reacted the same way.

Pamela said...

the gram and her sisters wouldn't even pierce their ears. Just clip ons, thank you.

My ears are pierced,

my kids often pierced my heart.

Thats enough for me. sigh

Suzanne said...

I'm of the mind that if they want it, and they're of age, fine.

That said, I'll make sure to bring up EVERY negative about unusual piercings I can in an effort to dissuade my kids from going through with it.

One has sensory issues, so he's safe. The other? I've got a drummer type and I'm sure there will be some tattoos and piercings in his future.

I look at those and think, man, the back hitting my teeth or gums would irritate the hell out of me with either clicking the teeth or rubbing my gum raw.

You do realize these things are the reason we have good booze and hair coloring, right? :)

Debbie said...

Oh, the little tidbits you just drop on us. The tattoos, the piercings. How do you manage?

Kila said...

I'm old school about that stuff, too. No piercings.

LceeL said...

Dontcha just love those SURPRISES?

Joanna said...

Yowza that's got to hurt! I'm with you - ears only.

I am the weirdo that asked someone if they have to blow their nose does snot fly out the side.
Which makes me wonder - if a nurp is pierced and later in life the gal decides to feed her young will it be like a three way spigot?

Down right scary what goes through my mind, isn't it?

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