Thursday, February 26, 2009

You say potato, I say ... huh?

We were making dinner together.

I like to do that -- even though the kitchen is quite small and we have to do a little do-si-do around each other when we're both in there together.

That's part of the charm of it, really. Bumping into each other "accidently."

I mean, really, we're approaching our sixth anniversary in April. We're still newlyweds, after all!

Anyway, I was in charge of the fish.

He was in charge of the au gratin potatoes. (From a box, of course. Z-man is the chef. We're just ordinary -- and chronic shortcut-takers.)

Anyway, his potatoes were first since they take 27 to 30 minutes. He mixie-mixie's and got them into the oven. Meanwhile I cleaned up some leftover materials off the counter.

A half-hour later, he pulled them out of the oven.

Weird ... it was still pretty loose. Shouldn't the sauce have thickened up a little?

I poked at it, and it sloshed. He looked at the box again. Yes, 3 1/2 cups of milk and a couple teaspoons of butter.

"Maybe we should put it in the microwave and boil off some of the liquid," he suggested.

Yeah, except it didn't do ANYTHING for it. In fact, it smelled not-right, too. Too buttery and milky.

We scratched our heads and looked at each other.

"Um," I said, suddenly remembering what I had cleared off the counter earlier. "Did you put the cheese mix in there?"


Yes, he mixed in the milk, the butter and the potatoes, but forgot the sauce mix.

But the best part ? He looked at me and grinned his goofy "oopsies" grin:

"Blog fodder, huh?"




Mr Lady said...

You must be so proud.

I'm going to email you a decent, easy recipe. He can make them and you will love him for it. Pinky swear.

nikki said...

Sad part? I've done this before. I've also made oatmeal cookies and forgot to put the oatmeal in.

Melissa said...

I've done this too, except it was with Kraft mac & cheese and I forgot the cheese powder. It happens, but is much funnier when it happens to the husband!

Karen said...

I've not had potatoes boiled in milk. Your new job must be paying well. We generally use water.

Janet said...

I can't IMAGINE what you're talking about. I've certainly never done anyth . . . oh never mind.

Rachel said...

That is fantastic! I love it!!! I have an easy recipe for them, too.
Let me know if you want multiple recipes, multiples are awesome *ahem*

justmylife said...

I wish I could say I have never done such or that I never mixed up the packages, but I would be lying. But it is so much better when it happens to somebody else, esp. if that someone else is a husband.

Kaytabug said...

BWHAHAHAHA! He knew it would end up here! I love that!!

LaskiGal said...

Oh, they are a riot, those men in our lives . . .

Mine would pull something like this and say, "Don't even think about it . . . "

Yeah, right (ha, like my last post)--what he doesn't read can't hurt him.


Stacie said...

lol oopsie.

Janet said...

ahhh, blog fodder!

LceeL said...

Some men just make it easier than others, that's all. The question is whether it's really accidental.

Momisodes said...


So glad I'm not alone. I just baked a batch of cookies and used salt instead of sugar. They look the same! Sorta.

Crazy Mo said...

Oh, I can totally relate! I'm a spaz in the kitchen. Hey ... you gotta post Mr. Lady's potato recipe!

Burfica said...

oh my gosh that reminds me of this baking fest we were doing. It was me and a couple girlfriends that have never really baked before. And we were making like quadroople batches of cookies about 10 different kinds, so we could all hand out goodies for christmas.

The two friends are mixing and mixing, and finally I hear, that's to hard, then I hear, no the spoon won't work either, and one is using her hands. In peanut butter cookies. And I'm thinking HUH???

then I go. Ummmm did you add the oil.

I think I got the dirtiest look ever. hahahahahaha

They had to add the oil and surprise it mixed alot easier. hahahahhaa

abritdifferent said...

Love it! I've had a few, "you're going to blog this, aren't you?" too. It's just too bad the really good ones don't come around too often.

Daisy said...

Not sure what's funniest: that I made au gratin potatoes (from a box) for supper tonight too, or that my family says, "Mom, you're going to blog this, aren't you?!"

Suzanne said...


At least husbands learn quicky that their foibles will become blog fodder. :D

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