Thursday, March 5, 2009

Fabric-ating *updated*

Remember this?

Yeah. It's gonna be an absolutely fabulous quilt, isn't it? Except for a slight problem.

My girlfriend had a quilting malfunction of epic proportions. The top was done. It was perfect. And everything was straight.

And then? She put the top, batting and bottom together; pinned it; and quilted.

Somewhere along the line, the thing came unhinged. And stretched. And became a quilting disaster.

My friend was distraught and immediately purchased replacement fabric at her expense.

Except for one. She went to two separate stores, to no avail.

You know what is coming, don't you? It was the one that Roo loved the best.

Of course! It's the one that she built the entire collection around.

It was a sullen Roo-girl I took back to the fabric store in OUR neighborhood to see if we could locate the renegade roses.

I had a flashback to many shopping trips when she was looking for "the" dress and ended up in tears.

Because it was an even sullener Roo who left the store empty-handed. The perfect fabric was not there, and there was nothing that could substitute.

She was unhappy unhappy UNHAPPY.

Fortunately, though, a quick drive through that fabulous French restaurant, Jacques in Zee Box, brought back a little sparkle.

I knew she was back among the living when one of her curly fries was pushed into my mouth.

Ahhhhhh, heaven.

*update: Yes, we did find the fabric online. So, win-win: fabric AND curly fries!*


Huckdoll said...

LOL "Jacques in Zee Box". Love it just about as much as "Tar-jai".

What an awesome idea though for a quilt! I want to make patchwork quilt for each of the twins out of some of my favorite old baby clothes of theirs.

Karen said...

I'm so sorry, poor Roo put so much into choosing those colors, too. And it isn't like you didn't put in your time as well. But dude. She's nearly finished a quilt already? Is she Super Seamstress?

Gina said...

What fabric store did she get it from? Can they call to other locations, or do they have a website?

Janet said...

Oh dear. That's what would happen to me. I'm so sorry she couldn't find more of that original fabric.
I'll second Gina's suggestion of looking online.

Kaytabug said...

Oh!!! I am so glad that you found it online!!! Can't wait to see this AWESOME quilt!!

LMAO @ "Jacques in Zee Box"

mmmmmmm curly fries!!!!

justmylife said...

Curly fries and finding the material online, sounds like it turned into a great day after all. Glad she found the material she liked and what a wonderful person to replace the fabric at her own cost. Sweet!

Eternal Sunshine said...

Curly fries will fix a multitude of wrongs...

Glad the fabric was found after all. As I seem to be becoming a self-proclaimed fabric junkie, I can TOTALLY relate.

Kila said...

Oh no! I'm so glad you were able to find it online!

Debbie said...

Proving once again that the internet is the source of all goodness:)

Jennifer, Playgroups Are No Place For Children said...

First of all, where are my rum balls?

Secondly, so glad you found the fabric online! How did people SURVIVE without the Internet???

Thirdly, I LOVE the french restaurant Jacques in Zee Box. It's so very quaint.

Suzanne said...

Yay, you found it. Personally, that's my favorite of her fabric choices-I do not blame the Roo Girl for being upset about losing it.

Indigo said...

At that age nothing can assuage them from what they want...except maybe curley fries. Skye got an image in her mind what she wanted for bedding when she went off to college. I swore Paul and I didn't know so many frigging stores existed with coverlets, sheets...In the end we found it. It lasted a whopping two months when she brought it home and ending up taking her old quilt with her. You can't win some days. (Hugs)Indigo

Burgh Baby said...

Phew! Crisis averted!

You get a gold star for all your efforts. It's the ultimate sacrifice to be willing to eat curly fries for your kid, after all. said...

I am still just being amazed with anyone who quilts. Really. I almost attempted suicide one time after three X's on a cross stitch. I am wildly impressed with anyone that does handwork.

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