Friday, March 13, 2009

Random acts of blondness, part the eighth

We're in the car, listening to the radio. I allow the Roo-girl to change it from my fave country station (yes, I'm a geek) to her rockin' station when she's in the car.

I actually have gotten into some of the music, and we sing together at the top of our voices.

Kelly Clarkson, Lady Gaga, T.I., Beyonce, the Pussycat Dolls. Even Britney ... sometimes.

Anyway, the deejay in the evenings is not our favorite, but we tolerate him. He usually asks some weird (frequently double-entendre-like) question and takes calls from listeners to answer it.

Last night was typical: "What is the biggest bomb you ever had to drop?"

We snorted, knowing the typical answers would have to do with pregnancy or cheating.

And then ... it happened.

"Wouldn't it be funny if a Vietnam War veteran called and said the biggest bomb he ever dropped was on Hiroshima?"


"What?" she wailed. "What did I say?"

Um. Yeah.

"It was not the Vietnam War."

"It wasn't? Oh. Um. World War II? Well, how am I supposed to know ..."

A product of public schools. I'm so proud.


Suzanne said...


Gina said...

Gotta love our school system - no child left behind, alright. When I was in school, they didn't even teach us about the Vietnam War. What you don't win, you sweep under the rug.

Jenni said...

The comment above is interesting. We learned a pretty good bit about the Vietnam War when I was in school. Of course, that was when people were becoming more aware of the disgraceful way that the veterans of that war had been treated. Suddenly it was popular to seek those veterans out and try to make amends by thanking them for their service. Actually, we probably talked more about that than about the war itself, but maybe that was in my Psychology class rather than history. Same teacher, so it's a little hard to sort out.

I say at least she knew there was a bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Kids are pretty egocentric. If it didn't happen in their lifetime or doesn't directly effect them, it either didn't happen or isn't important. Learning to think outside of themselves and connect things like history, current events in other countries, and all those "unimportant" things they've been learning in school to themselves and see the relevance of these things in their lives is part of growing up. Unfortunately, some never do. There are plenty of adults wandering around who still think the world revolves around them and these other things have no effect on their lives.

BTW, country music is not geeky!

nikki said...

Teenagers rock the blond comments. Ken is the king of them. Makes me want to write them down and share them with the first girl he brings home.

Tink said...

It WASNT the Vietnam War?

Just kidding. ;)

Pamela said...

I recently just read the memoir of the pilot of the Engola Gay.

justmylife said...

How funny. I have my blonde moments often.

Janet said...

I was IN school DURING the Vietnam War. My uncle was in it. But I agree with Jenni - at least she was aware of a bomb dropping on Hiroshima. I'd be willing to be an awful lot of 14-year-olds don't know anything about it.

Burfica said...

That is funny as hell!!!! Poor japs get bombed for a war that wasn't even theirs. hahahahahahaha

Debbie said...

Oh yeah. I need to question my kids on this!

Momo Fali said...

Hey! You have to give her some credit. There are probably some adults who don't even know there was a war involved.

Momisodes said...

DESPITE the mix-up of facts, it was rather clever :)

Daisy said...


Kaytabug said...

I just don't know what to say anymore. I think the other comments took my laughter away.

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