Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The worm turns ... into a butterfly?

I love my daughter.

No, I seriously do LOVE my daughter. Never mind the 14-year-old hormones. When it comes right down to it, she is my most vocal fan. My personal cheerleader, if you will.

At the end of last school year -- in fact, closing in on exactly a year ago -- I described the first meeting of the cheer moms and girls. The one where I felt the return of my geeky childhood persona.

And, while I hate to do this, that post really is required reading to understand the rest of this story, so go. Please? I'll wait.

*cue "Final Jeopardy" theme music*

Ok, we all on the same page now? Sally Smith. Got it? Good. Fast-forward to the here and now.

A season of dealing with the moms, some of whom are very very nice, and others who really truly are my junior high nightmare brought back from the dead.

Anyway, the Roo-girl and I have discussed the Sally Smith syndrome and my inner 8-year-old geek endlessly, but most recently during this cryfest Friday night when I basically told her that her behavior gave me a case of the Sally Smiths all over again.

She was HORRIFIED and cried all the harder, wailing in my ear that it breaks her heart to hear me talk about that.

Two days later, she was looking through my high school yearbooks and stopped dead in her tracks.

"THAT???" she howled. "THAT is Sally Smith??????"

I nodded.

"She's HIDEOUS!!!!!! How can you say she's pretty? She's not pretty!!!!!"

Ok, well, maybe it wasn't her best photo, and maybe standards of drop-dead gorgeous have changed in the past ... uh ... many many years.

But to say that Roo was outraged is putting it mildly.

A couple hours later, as I was playing a nasty game of Scrabble online, my cell phone rang.

"Mom? You are MUCH prettier than Sally Smith. MUCH."

I love my kid.


Suzanne said...

Probably not what you want to hear, but you must have been an adorable kid.

I never was, nor ever will be a willowy blonde like Sally Smith, but hey, girls like us don't feel the need to visit the plastic surgeon regularly. We're geeks and we're proud of what God gave us! :)

Pamela said...

she definitely isn't a sally smith on the inside... what a sweet thing to say.

Jenni said...

Aw, she's such a good kid!

Last night I went to a parent meeting for middle school cheerleading instead of the Friends of the Library meeting I wanted to go to. This week they are learning a cheer, chant, and dance. Friday is tryouts. This is just middle school and in a small, rural town, so it's not too bad, but it still makes me a little anxious. Yeah, I would have been much more comfortable at the library meeting.

nikki said...

Aw hell bells, way to make a hormonal woman tear up.

Janet said...

You're lucky to have her :-)

Burfica said...

Sometimes the floor us with how fiercely dedicated and protective they are of their mom's. Then it warms our hearts that much more.

ChrisB said...

That is just a lovely thing to say. Our children look at us with love in their hearts just as it should be.

abritdifferent said...

I had to go back and read because I missed that one. I am glad I did. I was average height but very skinny and with no curves whatsoever. I was very much a plain Jane, in fact, I was so homely, I was constantly mistaken for a boy BY ADULTS. I grew up hearing all sorts of insults hurled at me. I often have secret conversations with my 12-year-old self.

Adolescence is a cruel, vicious biotch.

What a beautiful thing Roo did for you.

justmylife said...

What a sweet girl!

Kaytabug said...

Loved that post just as much now as I did then!
Love the Momma! Love the Roo! She is the greatest! Like mother like dauther! XOXO

Kila said...

Aww, how precious is that?! After all these years, you win!

Nap Warden said...

That was so sweet...great pic too:)

Momisodes said...

That is the sweetest mother-daughter story I've read in a long time. Glad I went back to read the other post.

Roo-girl is certainly not a Sally Smith on the inside. She is awesome. Awesome parents make awesome kids :)

Debbie said...

What a sweet thing for her to do! No wonder you love her.

LceeL said...

You DO realize she's going to grow up to look EXACTLY like you, don't you?

Joanna said...

She's a keeper.

And nice to know I'm not the only person that slaps my inner geek out of the way. Usually I can keep her quiet with some cookies. Suddenly my weight gain is making sense.

Janet said...

That post made me much less terrified of teenagers. So, thank you.

OHmommy said...

She is a keeper! So sweet. You have done well, momma!

Karen said...

What a great daughter you have there!

Karen said...

What a dear you've got there. She's s keeper for sure.

Janet said...

Aw. What a sweetie. And you are much prettier than Sally Smith. So am I. Especially these days. (My Sally Smith got REALLY fat.)

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