Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yo ho ho and a bottle of ... something

"Do you think I'm someone who would do drugs?"

Well, THAT question came out of the blue.

Actually it came out of a darkened car, as the Roo-girl and I were driving to the mall last night.

There actually was some context for it as she told me how many of her friends had Facebook statuses yesterday (April 20) that said, "It's 4-20. Guess what I'm doing."

And then she rolled her eyes and said, "Like I care. I've never done that stuff, and I don't intend to."

She went on: "You know me. Do you think I'm someone who would do drugs?"

I was a little unsure how to answer. Quite frankly, I didn't just fall off the turnip truck. I know that parents don't ALWAYS know what their kids are doing, and I know that kids will experiment -- or more -- behind our backs. And frankly, I know what my generation did behind OUR parents' backs.

So I attempted to waffle.

"Well, I would HOPE you wouldn't."

"Oh, seriously, Mom, not what you hope, but what you think."


"I've never done drugs, and I've never smoked, and I've never had alcohol."


"Pfffffft," she said. "The most alcoholic thing I've ever had was ..."

Wait for it.

"... A rum ball!"

She really does make me laugh.



LceeL said...

Hah! I remember (most of) the first time I had rum balls. Up to that time, I had always thought they just TASTED like rum. SWMBO's friend was having a party and I was the only male there, for a while, so I occupied myself with these moist and delicious 'rum balls'. Boy, were they good. And the more I ate, the better they got. They tell me I was the life of the party. Who knew?

Sarah said...

I love the relationship you have with your kids! So honest, affectionate, and hilarious all at once!! I have dreamed of my kids growing up to be so honest!!

But yay for the Roo-Girl! I went through life without doing any drugs...well, except those moments of weakness...you know, they're called LABOR ;)

Burgh Baby said...

That is just one more reason for me to love Roo!

Amy @ Milk Breath and Margaritas said...

That is hilarious! (And rum balls can be potent, btw.)

I txted my 20 yr old in the AM: You're too old for that shit. Be safe today."

I txted her in the PM: "Make Good Choices."

They made her laugh!

justmylife said...

I completely understand that hoping you know what your kids do. Unfortunately, I know what mine does. SIGH....Hug her twice as hard, she so deserves it.

Huckdoll said...

Awe. Roo-Girl is such a doll :) I hope I'm able to raise such lovely, well-rounded, funny daughters as her.

The Duchess of Wessex said...

Good for you for having the chat. Then, today, tomorrow and every day that your sweet Roo-girl is exposed to ANYONE but her Mom!

I managed to get to 43 without doing ANY drug of any kind. Saw them, saw people doing them - alwasys walked away, no matter what.

Even at Roo-Girl's age, I knew no amount of teasing or name calling by my so-called friends would compare to the absolute a*s-whooping I'd get if my dad found out. After I married, (at 19) I realized real quick that life was all mine and there was NO way I was going to mess it up in any way by putting anything into my body that could hurt/kill me. Truth is, I had to get serious about supporting myself and anything that kept me hung over or in bed the next morning wasn't worth it.

I gave birth to two sons without any drugs either... I actually told the nurse she could NOT give me an IV. When she said, "It's so in case you need a C-section we can get the medications into you", and I said, "Well, unless you're going to cut me open right now IN CASE you need to take the baby out that way later, get away from me!" I did eventually have to have the IV (for, "fluids") but I didn't have any drugs. I almost did the epidural thing during my second delivery (because there is a difference between a 4 pound baby and a 9 pound baby) but the whole, "this could paralyze you from the waist down for the rest of your life if something goes awry" just above the signature line put an end to that!

Raising this teenager I still have at home sometimes makes me want to take up drinking as a hobby. And I totally get why my friends with kids (little and big kids) always seem to have a mixed drink in their hands. But when I feel Teenager-tension, I take a walk in my yard. Not great when it's pouring rain, but in North Carolina you can't get alcohol without visiting an ABC store and who wants to be seen walking into one of those? So I walk in the rain. Less chance of throwing up that way! :P

I say - WAY TO GO Roo-Girl! Stick to Rum balls and talks with your Mom! She's the smartest person you'll ever meet in your life! Really... The smartest. Ever!

Jaina said...

I love what a wonderful relationship you have with the Roo girl.

melissa said...

like mother like daughter!!! that's funny janet!!

Momo Fali said...

I hope my kids can keep their heads on as straight as hers is! Peer pressure scares the heck out of me. I talk about it all the time with my kids and I hope that's enough.

nikki said...

it makes you want to bundle up her innocence and lock it away forever. i love me some roo girl.

Trannyhead said...

I was, believe it or not, a total prude of a teenager when it came to drinking and drugs.

Green beans, on the other hand .... *snort*

Momisodes said...

That is awesome. I love the openness you have with Roo-girl. And she's a smart cookie.

p.s. It's been so long, I think a rum ball would send me over the edge these days.

Pamela said...

and she takes the rum cake, too! ha ha ha.

Kila said...

Good for her! She's a winner!

Kaytabug said...

LMAO!!! I love Roo!!! I love that she is such a good girl. You are one awesome Momma...hummm this comment sounds sorta like all of my others!

I'm expecting my kids to be like I was and so far my boys are lil angels. My 11 yr old has never had shots with his friends out of dixie cups. I know I am not out of the woods by any means but at least I am prepared for one bad wild child!!

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