Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh yeah, he's such a stud!

I knew something was up when Z-man came in the door facing backwards.

That is not normal.

Neither was the cute little dos-si-dos he did as he maneuvered himself toward the stairs without actually turning to face me.

"Um," I said, showing off my college education with my sparkling repartee. "What is going on? Turn around."

So he did.

A little sheepishly, I might add.

And there it was: a tiny, shiny stud stuck through the right side of his lower lip.

It was all I could do to keep my eyes from doing a Roo-like spin around their sockets.

"Why?" I asked, once again calling on my massive vocabulary.

"I've wanted to do it for awhile" was the best he could come up with.

(I have no pictures yet because it's hard to get him to pose, but have no fear. It'll happen.)

The funny thing is, I didn't have my contacts or my glasses on, and if he hadn't come through the door hind-end first, I probably wouldn't have even noticed. It's that delicate and small.

I have explained my lack of thrilled'ness with facial piercings before when J-bear rammed what looks for all the world like a roofing nail through her lip.

So yeah. I'm unthrilled once again.

At least he doesn't have a tattoo to go with it.

I think.


Karen said...

At his age, he should know better than to go into stealth mode. It triggers a mom's radar quicker than anything.

Trannyhead said...


What'll be awesome is that in 5 years, he'll realize he looks like a complete tool and when he takes it out? He'll have a scar that won't ever go away.

The Duchess of Wessex said...

Oh, boy!


At this point, I would trade your delicate lip piercing for the HOOK my son has threaded through his septum!

I never thought I would prefer NOT to look at my own child.

Lynette said...

I'll admit to having my tongue pierced, but I have a prejudice against facial piercings myself. I don't know WHY I hate them so much

Tink said...

The good thing about piercings (as opposed to tattoos) is that they can grow over with only a little scar remaining. And who doesn't already have scars, whether from chicken pox or riding a bike while trying to drink a red Fanta? ;)

Jaina said...

Why he would do that knowing your reaction I do not know. I'm not a fan of piercings like that. I can only imagine the amusing spectacle his entrance was. said...

Oh Gawd. Don't get ME started... Keelan, the junior ding-a-ling, has told me more than once that she'd like to have something or another pierced. She knows I don't like it and her father doesn't either and the fact that she is TERRIFIED of needles is the only thing that I am relying on to keep her from it. ;-)

Burgh Baby said...

Why, oh why, couldn't he just get his penis pierced so you wouldn't have to know about it?

*Runs to hide under desk before Janet strangles me*

Indigo said...

Why didn't I know you when I was 35? You could of stopped me from piercing my brow, which left a nice hole line thingy through my eyebrow when I got smart enough to take it out. I don't know which was worse your son or me being that stupid at 35. (Hugs)Indigo

Pamela said...

the actions that give moms eyes in the backs of their heads.

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