Thursday, October 22, 2009

Everything's up to date in Kansas City ... or, uh, somewhere like that

The fascination with the cop-car-hits-Drummer-Man episode from last weekend's birthday dinner gives me an opportunity to play a little catchup with some hanging threads.

First, the cop car. This actually took place about nine years ago. Imagine my joy at receiving a phone call from my son, telling me he is at the local sheriff's station.

It took several deputies on the phone to convince me that he was ok ... and not at fault in a peculiar incident down the street from our house.

He was, indeed, in the left-hand turn lane, astonishingly waiting to make a legal left turn. The police car was in the center lane (to D's right). As Drummer waited for traffic to pass, the cop apparently decided he had someplace more important to be.

He turned on his siren (one quick WHOOP!) and made his illegal left turn -- right into the passenger door of Drummer's car.

It was a stellar moment, and as I said Tuesday, only my kid ...

Now, in no particular order of importance, are updates on unresolved things that you may (or may not) be wondering about:

1) My mom: Yes, there was a second surgery for breast cancer because her "margins" were not clean enough from the first. She is currently in the second week of six weeks of radiation. My sister-in-law the doctor declares her "fine," but if you ask my mom, fine is defined as "it sucks to be her." So bottom line: physically fine, emotionally not.

2) The stress test: I'm cured. No, seriously, I passed the stress test (because I have stress?) with flying colors. In fact, I looked so good, they took away the mitral valve prolapse diagnosis I have had since I was my 20s!

3) The refrigerator: The hole for the new fridge has been enlarged, and the thing fits in it quite nicely. Only problem? The hole was enlarged ... BUT NOT FINISHED. The fridge was just pushed into place. I don't want to talk about it.

4) My fantasy football team is sucking the life out of me. I will give Jay Cutler some small props for keeping me in the game this week, but Mark Sanchez? You're dead to me.


LceeL said...

Don't you KNOW? Sanchez does NOT play well in bad weather. WHERE is he playing football as a pro? Do you KNOW what the weather is like at the Meadowlands during the latter stretches of football season?


justmylife said...

Home projects make me cringe. Hubby often starts them but never seems to finish them. Don't get me started.... Glad your mom is on the road to improvement at least physically. I just love your kids....Mine never call from the police station with good news, only the bad. heh!

Roger said...

So whatever happened to the officer that rammed into Drummer's car? Did they pay for the damage? Lots of strings left hanging there... :)

Glad to hear that your mom is doing well. And that you are also!!

As for your frig perdicament, I myself am a slcker in that area, so I should just keep my mouth shut.

Siobhan said...

So cool you 'lost' a health condition, that's fantastic news! Sounds like you mum is doing well too. And the fridge thing? That would irk me too.

The Duchess of Wessex said...

Many thanks for the updates. Please know you are NEVER alone! My son's (the now Army Ranger) first accident (when he was 17/4 years ago) involved a Turkey - almost as good as a cop turning into him!

No, REALLY mom! A turkey came out of no where and flew into the Jetta. Now if you ever watched WKRP in Cincinnati, Turkeys are not supposed to fly (at least they didn't in the episode where Mr. Carlson and Les Nessman threw them out of a helicopter)... But I digress. Since moving to the sticks (North Carolina) we have seen turkeys fly up to roost in the trees in our back yard - so yes, they do fly.

If it weren't for the dead turkey on the road and the feathers stuck to his front driver's side quarter panel, I would NEVER have believed it.

Did you know that there is NO deductible charge for hitting a turkey? No... Apparently, it falls into a special category, like hail damage, so there was no out-of-pocket on the damage (which was considerable). And, no turkey for dinner for a while, while Brandon got over the trauma. Poor guy!

Home Improvement... Is it ever really Improvement? We just had carpeting put into our den and living room (3rd time we've re-carpeted the den, 2nd time for the living room in 6 years - don't ask - just know that the kid who couldn't stop spilling things (on purpose, I'm convinced) is now in his own apartment where he can spill all he wants as far as I'm concerned!) and man, the work involved in packing up and unpacking just two rooms in our house was dramatic! Too much stuff!

On top of that... The exhaust fan on our microwave hasn't sucked since we had the cabinets refaced. Why? Because the installer put the microwave back up WRONG - she (yes, our contractor was a woman!) accidentally (I'm hoping it wasn't on purpose) put the thingee-ma-bob that allows the vent to suck instead of blow in backwards... So yesterday, husband took it down only to find that the plate the microwave HOOKS onto was missed by the contractor too and BENT all to heck. So right now, my microwave is sitting on the island (which made fixing dinner last night fun) and we are waiting for the new wall plate AND replacement screws, which were also stripped by the contractor. So Improvement...? I don't think so!

CONGRATS on your stress test. With good health, we have EVERYTHING we need - so I am thrilled for you.

Mom will come around... She's in my prayers. I know someone whose wife was told she was cured of breast cancer but she cannot get beyond it in her head. Can't say I blame her. But it's your mom's deal to work through. Will say a little prayer for you both!

Love to you!

Jaina said...

What a crazy story about the accident. said...

Jeeze, I missed out on a LOT while I was away! You been busy girl!
Oh, I mailed you something yesterday!

Kila said...

Congrats on passing your test!

Pamela said...

I can relax now that you've answered all my questions.

booshy said...

Hopefully the bugs and mice don't find that hole...just sayin.

katie said...

I understand not finished fridge openings. My hubby (love him dearly!) took out some of the plaster and lathe to fit our fridge. . . and proceeded to cover the opening with CARDBOARD and DUCT TAPE before pushing it into place. Since it's an outside wall I should be happy, I guess, he did that. Cardboard DOES have insulating properties. Yes, you can see my cardboard/duct tape wall if you're near the kitchen window. No, I really don't care anymore.

Karen said...

They took away an earlier diagnosis - see how happy and healthy you are?

Too bad living with your mother causes all that stress to begin with. Well, not living WITH her, but you know what I mean.

nikki said...

My fridge is currently sticking out of it's hole by a good foot. Why you ask? Kev moved it out to figure out what that mysterious noise was and dropped something behind it. Grrrr...

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