Monday, October 19, 2009

Pssst ...

Those of you who know me well know that I am caught between a rock and a hard place while I watch time fly by as we move inexorably closer to "the big one."

You know ... the BIG one.

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The Duchess of Wessex said...

Boy, oh boy, do I remember the anticipation of the Big one too!

My best advice (not that you asked) is this... Don't get too worked up about ANY of it because what you believe (fear?) might happen today is NOTHING like what the reality will be like when the real day rolls around.

It's kinda like the boy you dated at 16 telling you that in two years you'll both be going to college in different cities, and how sad it will be just so that you would sleep with him THAT night! I never fell for it then, and as mothers, we cannot fall for the angst of the down-the-road plans our children bring to us today.

Of course... I thought my oldest going to college 90 minutes away from home was the WORST thing that could happen. I was going to miss him SOOOO much - and I did.

But now that he's left University after two and a half years to JOIN THE ARMY and put his very life on the line, I SURE DO WISH he was just 90 miles away at ASU and coming home every weekend with that big sack of stinky laundry.

So while it got WORSE for me, I just invite you to know that it will most likely be MUCH less worse for you when the Big day comes!

And, if it does turn out to be worse, I promise to be the kind of friend you've been to me to help you get through it!

LceeL said...

This is how I commented there:

My youngest is a college freshman this year. But he's only about 25 miles away so it's relatively easy to see him once in a while. Of course, his ambition is to live in Japan, so I guess we gotta visit while the visiting is good.


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