Friday, November 6, 2009

Memories ... sweetened through the ages just like whine

We were at Starbucks again, the Roo-girl and I.

Don't judge me. It was a late-start day (oh, how I LOATHE late-start days), and I dropped her off to meet her friend before I toddled off to work.

I ordered our drinks and stepped to the side ... and a woman stopped me.

"I know you from Local Synagogue. You're Janet, right? I'm Kevin's mom ... from the preschool."

I blinked at her ... and remembered. Sorta.

She looked behind me. "And you're -- um -- Roo-girl!"

Roo nodded, and I smiled. "Do you remember Kevin?" I asked her.

She shook her head. "Well, you were only 3," I said.

The woman and I exchanged a few pleasantries, and she left with her latte.

I turned back to Roo. "You really don't remember?"

Roo rolled her eyes.

"Mom, how do you expect me to remember that stuff?" she snorted. "I can't remember BREAKFAST!!!!!"

Honestly? I found that much funnier than she did.


Marylin said...

Hehe I love her way of thinking, I really do! :)

songbird's crazy world said...

LOL, I'm like roo-girl. Buy the time I got to high school there's no way I would have remembered anyone from nursery school or kindergarten. My girls, on the other's happened several times, when they were in middle school and high school they'd run into kids they knew in preschool but hand't seen since, and they'd remember the kid...and all of his/her bad habits from when they were preschoolers.

Roger said...

That's awesome! Yay Roo-girl!

LceeL said...

I love it when Roo channels Judy Holliday.

nikki said...

I totally understand Roo. Some days I can't even put my underwear on the right way.

Huckdoll said...

Hilarious ... but hey, I don't blame her. From "the preschool"??! Gah.

Karen said...

Tell me you didn't go there. My mother is always "you remember, don't you?" and has been known to bounce me about things that happened before I was even born. said...

OH, I HATE when that happens! John can remember people he shared an elevator with fifteen years ago. Me? I couldn't pick my mother out of a line-up. (And that would be SO embarrassing.)

Pamela said...

funny.. I have so much better recall of people & things from when I was young.

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