Wednesday, November 4, 2009

There's nothing to fear but ... uh ... never mind

I don't consider myself a chicken.

A lot of things that scare people don't scare me particularly.

Bugs? Eh. I'm the resident squisher here.

Snakes? Just ask J-bear which stepmother begged to be able to watch her feed the slithery thing. (Yes, it eats "pinkies." Yes, I took pictures. And no, I won't share. You're welcome.)

Scary house noises? Pfffft. I spent too many years having to be the one who investigates. No hiding under the covers for this former single mom.

Walking in the dark? Not my fave-rave, but I am capable of going between car and house or house and car at midnight by myself without fearful glances.


Driving in the fog?


On a recent night, when I drove home from my chorus rehearsal, the fog rolled in -- and my sanity rolled out.

I swear I still have the imprint of the steering wheel on my hands, and the thought of it still makes beads of cold sweat drip down my back.

I apologize to those on the freeway with me that night. Those who zipped around me at 55 miles an hour, while I crept along at 40 (at most).

Sorry, people. When it's that impenetrable, I don't travel further than my headlights can illuminate.

The best moment was cresting over the hill and seeing the clouds dissipate ...

... So I could finish the drive in relative peace.

And be a big brave bear once again.

Beware, bugs. I'm a-comin' ...


Pamela said...

we get freezing fog here -- and that puts me into the same frame of mind.
Because you not only can't see -- but you can't see where you are sliding!!!

Jenni said...

Ha! I've got you beat. How about having your 15-year-old drive you through fog on the highway? Now that is fear!

I wish all drivers were as careful as you (and me), though. Driving only as far as your headlights can illuminate and your eyes register makes sense. It pisses me off when people zip around me in dense fog (on two lane roads, no less) or ride my ass when the roads are icy.

Karen said...

I'm with you all the way. Bugs, reptiles, mice, noises, dark. Meh.

I do hate rats though. UGH-shiver. And I'll add white-out conditions to the fog for the same reasons.

nikki said...

We get lots of fog here. Or "frog" if you're Aaron.

Roger said...

I like to roll the dice in fog and go as fast as I can.

Not really, but everyone else was being responsible.

The Duchess of Wessex said...

I am SO with you! Nothing scares me more than being behind the wheel of a steel bomb in low or worse, no-visibility situations. I remember that CA fog all too well. Driving up, over and down the 5 in fog was my LEAST favorite part of our trips to LA/Disney Land from Monterey.

I wish every driver were as careful as you and I are - Amazes me how people drive in hazardous conditions the same way they do in dry/clear conditions. You and I know their luck will one day run out... I just hope we're not the car in front of them or behind them when it does! :(

When we drove from Monterey to North Carolina we hit rain in Tennessee that was the worst rain I've ever driven through. I mean, buckets dumped from the sky and there was thunder and lightening all around us so the noise was deafening! I saw NOTHING in front of me and the highway all around us was packed! On-coming traffic contributed to the horror by splashing even more water over the guardrail onto my windshield... I had our oldest son in the Jeep with me, and my husband had our youngest son in his truck, driving directly ahead of me. In that time, I was overcome by thoughts of killing our whole family if I didn't know to stop in time... It was HORRIBLE!

Like you, the steering wheel was imprinted on my hands after we made it through and to this day I don't believe I've ever prayed as hard as I prayed those 30 minutes it took to pass through that mountain rain storm.

I don't think a lot about how I will die - but I do know I would prefer it not to be in my vehicle alone.


Tammy Howard said...

Oh, I slow down, too. Fog is scary.

Huckdoll said...

I love fog, but not driving in it. I remember some of the worst fog in my life - I was creeping along the highway yet passing semi trucks and trailers going slower - it was horrible. said...

I don't know about you, but I have gotten to where I HATE being the resident bug squisher. Especially when I have to go upstairs to squish the offending bug for one of my cowardly children. They are 18 and 20 years old! If I could rearrange their DNA I would make them not so squeamish and dependent on others to do the nasty work.
Or maybe I'd just rearrange mine to make me a sterner mother who tells her children to do it themselves?

Suzanne said...

I used to be with you on that, until I had to drive over three mountains to get to work every day. From mid October to Mid March, I'd hit the fog bank at about 2,000 feet-I learned to deal.

And yay, my feed reader put you back where you belong. :) I meed my fix of your blog!

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