Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Both sides now

They say opposites attract.

And Wonderhubby and I are obviously the poster children.

I am short. He is tall.

I am complicated. He is what-you-see-is-what-you-get.

I grew up in a world of privilege. He grew up in a world of less.

I am perfectly happy to sit and do nothing. He isn't happy unless he is DOING something.

I am missing the cleaning gene. He is ... well, I guess we're not TOTAL opposites!

Moving on.

I am a night owl who can survive on minimal sleep. He is an early-morning guy who actually does the math,  working backwards to make sure he knows what time to go to sleep so he gets his requisite 6 1/2 to 8 hours.

My witching hour is 11 p.m. He is sawing logs usually well before 10.

But we don't lose touch with each other. I may be up later, but I'm still next to him in bed while he sleeps -- and our feet touch.

It's just that I like to have the television on. He likes to be able to sleep.

Surprisingly, I like to be able to actually HEAR the show I'm watching. And he likes to turn the sound down.

I hold the remote in my hand with my thumb on the volume button because -- guaranteed -- the commercials are louder than the show and will jolt WH from his slumber.

We both hate this.

So ... my very special husband bought us a present last week.

Well, it was for me -- but it benefits him.

TV wireless ears.

You may totally insert your eyeroll here. Yes, it's geeky. Yes, it's weird. But I'll be damned: I can hear EVERYTHING -- and he hears nothing.

So we look a little like this ...

... Except for the part where I'M the one watching TV and HE'S the one sleeping.

Oh, and also except for the part where I can't stand having that thing hanging under my chin, so I push it on TOP of my head. (Sorry, no photos. You'll have to use your imagination to figure out exactly how nerdy this truly is.)

But it's the perfect answer to our opposites world.

So each night, I now plug myself in. He snuggles under the blankets and prepares for the sand man to take him away.

I lean over to kiss him goodnight ...

... And the TV ears fall forward off the top of my head and smack him in the face.

Ha. And they say romance is dead.


Karen said...

I am in definite need of pictures for that one. I'll bet Roo would oblige if I'd ask her.

Roger said...

I'm with Karen. Roo, if you want to get a picture of your mom in her TV ears, feel free to send it to us via email. We'll take care of the rest. :)

On a more serious matter, are the commercials still louder with the "magic" ears?

red pen mama said...

My going-deaf FIL uses those. Thank goodness, because when he watches Fox News without them, I can hear his TV at my house (next door).

Cute post, too. I always think it's less about opposites attracting as it is two people completing each other. Or maybe that's just me & Dan — he tends to be strong where I'm weak, and vice versa.

LceeL said...


Nikki said...

I'm having a hard time envisioning this. Photo evidence please.

Dewdrop said...

:) He Ha... that's one for the imagination!

Suzanne said...

And WH now has to explain the facial injuries at work the next morning. LOL!

karisma said...

OMG! Now I know why I love you! (apart from the fact that you can sing of course!) Yes apart from that!!! which is a huge factor! You are just like my husband! (Although, he cannot sing! No he can't!) LOL! We are total opposites and funnily enough I have had a post about this swimming around in my head for ages! HE is a total intorvert, highly intellegent, sensable type! I am a total extrovert/airy fairy type! LOL! (he prefers to describe my beliefs as Mumbo Jumbo!) BRAT!) Anyway! Turn that bloody TV off! Its bad enough that one has to put up with dreams! We don't need the influence of stupid tv in the background!!!!!!

Oh and Hugs and smoochies xoxoxo hehe! :-) (Yes me and my mumbo jumbo can be adorable if you only care to take the chance!) mwah xoxoxoxox said...

Now, every Valentine's day I am going to envision you and your husband. *sigh* Just like Romeo and Juliet. Except, you know, for the whole dead thing. ;-)

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

bwaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaaaa!

That is us! But I am him and MPS is you.

Pamela said...

we are total opposites at our house, too.

except we're both smart. in different ways, tho!

If I had a lap top I would watch TV in bed.

carma said...

My husband is the same way with the 'always having to be doing something' - he is like a hamster on a spinning wheel. exhausting. I'm more of a homebody I guess you could say (although it doesn't sound that flattering ;-)

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