Monday, March 22, 2010

Life is like a box of chocolates

When I was in college, I started a tradition.

It was my mother's birthday, and I was 500 miles away from home. In a moment of clarity, I walked into a candy store and ordered a one-pound box of mixed milk chocolates to be sent by mail.

She was thrilled to receive it. Never one to give up a great opportunity to please my mom, I turned it into a ritual.

Birthdays and Mother's Day.

Every year during college. Every year after. Even as a grownup with adult children of my own, I still brought my mother her box of milk chocolates.

She always smiled and thanked me profusely, expressing her excitement over her biannual treat.

For 30 years.

Then one day, I was having a casual conversation with my dad about nothing at all and the conversation turned to chocolate.

"Ha," my dad said. "Your mom doesn't even eat M&Ms because they're milk chocolate. She only eats dark."


Ok, let's back up here one little second and recap:

1) I have given my mother chocolate a minimum of twice a year for 30 years.

2) I always bought milk chocolate because ... well ... I like milk chocolate and, after all, who doesn't like milk chocolate?

3) My mother doesn't like milk chocolate.

And yet she didn't say a word.


Because that's what we moms do.

We smile and say thank you and love our children, even when they give us milk chocolate.

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Jenni said...

Yeah, but I would at least drop a hint. 30 years is a long time. No Russell Stover's. please. I will give it to the kids. (Hmmm, is this why they sometimes buy it for me anyway?) I especially like the Dove or Lindor truffles. White chocolate Easter bunnies and yellow Peeps. Thank you.

red pen mama said...

On the bright side, you can send dark chocolates this year! They are heart healthy, doncha know? Add red wine, and your mom's heart will be happy AND healthy.

LceeL said...

I've never understood the whole 'guilt' thing. I know Catholics do it. I know Jews do it. At least, by reputation anyway - and I've actually seen it in action so I know it exists. But your Mom - your Mom is going to be the Patron Saint of ALL guilt giving mothers everywhere.

That said, now I know where you got your honest to goodness sweetheartedness from.

Indigo said...

Motherhood has it's sacrifices. Having said that I think for mother's it's not the gift it's the pleasure our kids derive out of the giving. Wonderful analogy. (Hugs)Indigo

Kaytabug said...

I would totally have dropped a hint somewhere, somehow. 30 years is a really long time. I also would have asked Dad, WTF she did with all those chocolates.

I smiled and said thank you and loved my baby as he brought me weed after weed, while in his mind he was giving his Mommy flowers. LOVE him! said...

Wow. Thirty years! Just another example of how awesome mom's are.
Now I'm left wondering who she was re-gifting them to?

Karen said...

Wha?! Who doesn't like milk chocolate? And why would you not say "I really love dark chocolate" at some point? I mean, if you KNOW that someone is going to give you chocolate, why not make sure you get what you like?

I'm Karen. I love chocolate. Any flavor. We're clear now.

Pamela said...

I'm thinking I might have said something. I'm still thinking about this, though.

Andre Nievo said...

I don't know if I take this as a funny story but looking on the other side of it you got a wonderful mom who does not want to, at least, to give you time to bother if she tell you she does not like your gift.

The Duchess of Wessex said...

Forgive me this...

But what I'm wondering is how on earth could you mother not share with you which kind of chocolate she prefers?

Your mother, (aka pole-dancing granny) seems to have no trouble expressing her opinions, and THIS is what she decides to be obedient and kind about?

Maybe I missed something, (again, apologies) but that was my first thought! LOL

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

I get it. I do the same thing.

After all, it is the thought and the sentiment that counts. I bet she adored the chocolates anyway because they were from YOU.

Janet said...

I totally missed the point of this post because I was so excited to know that someone else likes milk chocolate besides me!!!!! OK, I'm good now, what were you saying? Oh, yeah. Did your Dad eat all that chocolate?

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