Monday, March 8, 2010

Limits and limitations

I was prepared to take a brief hiatus from my gig at Mid-Century Modern Moms after the events that led to last Monday's post, which appeared both here and there.

After all, it's a little difficult to write about being a Mid-Century Modern Mom raising a teen if the subject of the teen becomes off-limits.

But obviously, I'm back.

(Continued THERE)

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And, as usually is the case, when it rains, it pours.

Because in addition to blogging here and at MCMM, I am again featured as one of the staff writers in the March edition of Room 704.

Scroll through the table of contents and find my stuff, as well as the awesome work of 704's growing stable of writers, with the theme of GREEN. (Duh, it's St. Patrick's Day!)

Yeah, we rock the house.

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karisma said...

Wow! I had missed that post with my own dramas in the past two weeks. Just catching up now. One of my girls reads my blog too, I guess I do hold back a lot on what I will post because of it.

I was having a good think about it a few days ago. Not just her but a lot of my family follow my blog. So I pretty much keep it family friendly. A lot of things I would like to discuss, I don't. Funny isn't it, how its easier to talk to to a bunch of strangers about how we feel than those we are close to. They don't tend to judge you or analyse your every reason for writing what you do.

Don't stop writing! Your blog is brilliant! Hugs and smoochies xooxxox

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