Friday, April 23, 2010

The power of love

Tomorrow is the seventh anniversary of the day Wonderhubby and I said those magic words that started our journey of wedded bliss.

Yep, that's right. It's our magical seventh. The year of the itch.

But fear not. Our marriage is strong, our love is eternal, and we each know how to scratch that itch for the other.

And this year, we decided that, rather than gifts from me to him and him to me, we would buy something from us for us.

Ever the romantics, we are looking at ellipticals.

This gift of health reminded me of our fifth anniversary and the story of the blender of love, originally posted on Holly's former blog and now reprinted here as a stroll down memory lane in honor of our happily-ever-after.

I love you, baby.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

For our fifth anniversary, romantic soul that I am, I had the PERFECT present all picked out for my Wonderhubby.

You see, he is a service tech. He works with his hands and scary-looking equipment, and jewelry -- especially rings -- has always been a no-no.

When we got married, I bought him a wedding band, KNOWING that he would wear it only for the ceremony and the honeymoon (because I asked him to) and then it would live in a drawer, never to see the light of day again.

So I didn't put a lot of thought into the band. It was plain and simple.

And came in under budget.

Accordingly, I developed a fair amount of guilt when he did NOT take the band off after the honeymoon.

In fact, he has NEVER taken the ring off.

So you can imagine the trauma this has caused for a neurotic creature like me.

About three years ago, I thought I should do something about it.

About two years ago, I figured out that our fifth anniversary could possibly be biggish-dealish enough to warrant a new wedding band.

About a year ago, I started hatching my plan and looked at rings whenever I was out.

But, truth be told, my man has very large hands. The simple band he has been wearing needed to be resized three times before it was right. So I was a little nervous about getting something that had "decorations" that would be "interfered with" in the resizing process.

So I hesitated.

And debated.

Meanwhile, we began to kid each other about what we should get each other for this auspicious anniversary.

He thought we should get a juicer.

But not just ANY juicer. More like a juicer-blender-pulverizer that did everything but laundry.

It makes juice. It makes hot soups. It makes frozen desserts.

He was in looooooooooooooooooove.

I told him that he lacked any romance or sentimentality in his soul whatsoever.

He told me he was PRACTICAL!


So I continued to stew over buying him a ring. And to worry that he wouldn't like it.

And then several days before our anniversary, I threw caution to the wind and just told him my plan.

And here was his answer:

"While I appreciate the sentiment, if it were bigger or nicer, I probably wouldn't wear it."

That whooshing sound you may have heard was all the air leaving my romantic balloon.

So what does he want?

The juicer.

I'm 100 percent serious.

After all, he said, "what could be more romantic than the gift of antioxidants?"

So. I. bought. him. the. juicer.

He is the happiest married man on the planet today. Which, by association, would make me the happiest married woman on the planet.

All this happiness begets happiness, if you get my drift.

I guess romance isn't really dead after all.

But I do think it's very, very sick.

Maybe a nice healthy glass of juice would help ...


Roger said...

That just shows the thinking process between us men and you women. :)

Juicers are romantic and practical, too bad Jenni didn't agree when I bought her that vacuum cleaner. :D (Of course, that was for Sweetest Day)

Happy anniversary to the two of you and keep scratching each others itches.

Jenni said...

Happy anniversary. 20 years in May here and no itching yet.

And hey, I like practical gifts. Someone please tell Danny how practical a Kitchenaid mixer would be.

Tara R. said...

Sometimes it's hard living with a man who is pragmatic. Congrats on 7 years, and best wishes for many, many more romantics years together.

(Hubs and I celebrate our 24th this summer, and my ideal gift would be a new food processor.)

Indigo said...

Congratulations on 7 years. Paul and I have one coming up at the end of June. No, not married. I went that route one too many times.

My idea for him. A small tattoo. He has one from his late wife that is fading on one shoulder. I figure after 7 years he can wear my mark, I'm not going anywhere. (Hugs)Indigo

LceeL said...

Happy Anniversary, my Friend. And many, many, many happy returns of the day.

And don't do anything I wouldn't do. :)

Kila said...

Happy Anniversary, and wishes for many more! :)

Siobhan said...

I enjoyed re-reading this! One of my fave lines is ... After all, he said, "what could be more romantic than the gift of antioxidants?"

Congrats on 7 years. We'll be 9 years in 12 days. Crazy how time speeds by, isn't it?

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

Holly's former blog? :) You crack me up. Not that I don't play Scrabble with you daily. Or chat with you via text or Plurk daily, too.

Happy Anniversary to all four of us! 11 for us & 7 for y'all.

Pamela said...

I'd probably take the juicer, too.
Not a bauble girl. Something wrong with my genes.

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