Monday, May 24, 2010

What's in a name?

Last Monday, I wrote about the evolution of J-bear.

How she has grown up from the scaredy-cat 10-year-old I first met to the confident, ssuccessful 20-year-old she is today.

And how perhaps as she enters her 20s, she is entitled to a more grown-up blog name.

I got a few suggestions, and I promised that I would let you all vote on what you thought was best -- although I reserve the right to over-rule your decision. This is MY planet, after all!

As promised, here are some choices in a real live poll:


LceeL said...

I am one of those who voted to leave it alone - why mess with success?

Damn. Next thing you know, you'll want to re-name Roo - and that simply would not do.

Roger said...

Ditto. :-)

Burgh Baby said...

Agreed. ;-)

Siobhan said...

Have I ever said how much I love Lou? :o)

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