Monday, June 7, 2010

He's a good man, Charlie Brown

There is nothing like getting nachas from kinder.


That's a Yiddish expression (anglicized for our viewing audience) that means extreme joy/pride in one's children.

And that's me in a nutshell. This weekend I saw my son, the Drama King, perform the role that I have always said he was born to play:

That round-headed kid.

Yep, the title/lead role in "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown."

If you have seen it -- or even never heard of it -- it is a collection of little scenes and songs based on the Peanuts characters of Charles M. Schulz. I saw it once, years ago, and have listened to and loved the music since.

And from the time he has been interested in theater, I knew my boy WAS Charlie Brown. It's a perfect part for him -- the self-deprecating, insecure, lovable loser with a permanent case of bad luck.

I wish I had a photo of him in his yellow shirt with the black zigzag on it. Maybe next weekend, when I go back and see him perform again.

The truth of it is that the show -- done in a 40-seat theater and produced by one of DK's friends -- was less than stellar. Some of the other performers are frankly -- ahem -- not endowed with talent. One, in fact, was unable to find the key of her song, picking one out of the air instead. The singer in me cringed noticeably.

But my boy? My boy shined bright.

This is not just mommy pride. He really is talented, having played lead roles in community theater and college plays over the years.

If only he would get over his fear of failure and actually go for the BIG productions.

Meanwhile, I'm just going to enjoy the glow of seeing him do what I KNEW he could do and, in doing so, making me -- and him -- happy.

After all,  even Charlie Brown knows that “Happiness is anyone and anything that's loved by you.”

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Karen said...

Definitely post a picture. I'm needing a visual.

Pamela said...

I'm proud of him, too!! (:

(and cringing for the person trying to sing. ouch)

Simply Jenn said...

That is so amazing Janet! My oldest son is in an audition only drama class at his school, and I never even knew he had the dramatic in him. His sister has been dramatic since birth, but I have to say I was amazed at his performances this year. Unfortunately singing isn't quite his forte and my "not so good as Janet, but not too shabby" singing self cringes and then desparately wants to go buy a piano or keyboard so I can teach him how to sing.

Okay, okay, it got long and overly Jenn-ish, but I am glad you get to see your young man sharing a love of music with you! I really wanna see the picture!

Jaina said...

I hope you get a picture. Fabulous music, I love the kite song, it's such fun to sing.

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