Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I have a few well-placed words for you, friend

I hurt in ways that I can't even express.

Not heart-hurt, although that never has been far from the surface this summer, what with mean-girl issues on the Roo front.

No, this is actual pain hurt. The kind that doesn't leave you alone no matter which position you sit/stand/lie in.

My sciatic nerve is on fire. It's an aggravation that originally started in my back but now crawls painfully down my left leg. It's also an experience I've had a few times before, but never this bad.

I have gotten relief in the past from swimming and even from the Eastern side of medicine -- acupuncture.

This time? Nothing is doing it. And living in pain on 800 mg of ibuprofen a couple times a day isn't the answer.

So I bit the bullet and actually went to a doctor, who ordered steroids for the inflammation, something a little stronger for the pain and x-rays so we could actually SEE what is going on with my back.

My doctor is a young guy I happen to like a lot. He's easy and approachable.

And we play Words With Friends together.

Words With Friends is an iPhone app for crossword/Scrabble freaks that is very addictive and consumes a fair amount of my phone playtime. I have a lot of games going -- and I have my good days and my bad -- but it is ALWAYS satisfying to whup the young doctor's highly intelligent kiester.

Another side benefit to WWF is the chat feature. It allows players to gloat about a 123-point word, moan about the lack of vowels, or just say hi.

I have occasionally traded conversation with the good doctor, but I try not cross our imaginary line between friendly game rivals and free medical advice.

So I'm just gonna say that I found his method of letting me know the preliminary results of my x-rays to be HILARIOUS:

And if you want to play WWF with me, it's Jsongbird4. Game on.


Tara R. said...

I can emphasize with your sciatic pain, I have arthritis in my lower back... hope you can get some relief soon.

I downloaded that app and could never get it to work right. I may have to reload it and try again.

Tara R. said...

That should be 'empathize' wouldn't want to increase your pain.

Karen said...


Okay, I think I'm done now.

songbird's crazy world said...

Ditto on the back pain, I have the same problem and when it erupted last year I thought I'd need surgery.

but way funny that he told you via an app! Welcome to the 21st century.

Jenni said...

Ouch! I hope you and your doc get this figured out and fixed soon!

carsick said...

Now thats one funny doctor!
I hope he can treat your pain quickly.

LceeL said...

Do you want me to kiss it and make it better?

Roger said...

Don't beat him too bad, he might not give you such good service. ;)

When a Problem Comes Along, You Must Whippet... said...

I totally "feel" your pain having been there many times since '92. Drug I have now for flareups is great and nonsteroidal - PMS-Meloxicam. Used to take Vioxx (was wonderful until it got pulled) and then Bextra. Hope this bout passes soon - they generally do.

The Captain's Daughter said...

SO sorry to hear you're in pain!

Feel better NOW! That's an order!

J2 said...

Too funny! I like your doc, too!
And I'm glad it's not surgical!

karisma said...

Ouch and sorry for your pain, sending healing thoughts your way. Interesting to me though is the fact you are playing scrabble. My sister in law is suffering the same affliction and funnily enough in the past few weeks discovered scrabble online! Strnage!

Pamela said...

I have verizon and have no idea how to play games on my new droid.

Maybe I'm better off in the dark.

Hope your back gets better. No Physical Therapy??

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