Friday, January 14, 2011

Who's that lurking behind my blog? Who dat?


I ALMOST missed out on one of my favorite exercises in blogland.

The official  indisputable Delurking Day!

Yeah. I love it when I ask people to delurk. I usually do it on my birthday and my blogaversary, but my natal day slipped by and I plum forgot.

So when I woke up this morning and realized, "Hey! It's Delurking Day!" I figured I would make up for lost time.

So... Are you out there? Are you breathing? Show yourself in honor of this momentous blog-wide holiday.

Say hello, hi or howdy. Tell me what your plans are for the weekend (mine include a LOT of cheer competition and high school basketball). Tell me what you love about me. Tell me what you don't. Tell me what you think I should do more of/stop doing. Tell me to write more. Tell me to quit.

Just tell me.

And while you're at it, hop on over to see my latest venture: staff writer for You Won't Go Blind, which relaunched this week. It is the sexually charged brainchild of Melissa's from Rock and Drool and my first post is up today. Go. Delurk there too.

But delurk here first.

Cuz this is my planet and I'll beg if I want to.


songbird's crazy world said...

Not really delurking, because you know I'm here, but thought I'd just say "hi".

Karen said...

Hey, look! It's a post from the Planet!

Burgh Baby said...

::waves wildly from the back of the room::

Suzanne said...


I like when I find new posts. XD

And my first delurker wanted to sell me jewelery 'because the new year is coming'!

Sarah said...

*waves* I'm still around! Happy to delurk now and always...I always forget about delurking day....but I hope others don't and comment at my place which has a totally non-Delurking post on it *lol*

Daisy said...

hello! I don't lurk very often; too much to say, not enough self control, I guess. I think I"ll go lurk on Plurk. Hah!

Anglophile Football Fanatic said...

Only for you....

Jocelyn said...

Hiya! I put the urk in lurk because I'm a feed reader whore and am usually too lazy to comment. I do love reading you, seeing Roo's cheer progress and learning how to relate to your adult children. (My 19 year old is in college, my 5 year old is currently trying to kill me via kindergarten homework.)

I'm going to an all day meeting Saturday and I have to drive about 7 hours to make it there and back. Good thing there will be snacks and friends to see!

I'm spending Sunday with my family, enjoying the day before hubby rolls out of town for another week of work.

Write more, don't quit!

Joyce-Anne said...

Delurking today. This weekend, I'm singing a wedding and 2 other services, running my oldest daughter to dance class and my son to cub scouts. I know, real exciting stuff...

Tara R. said...

Stopping by to say 'hi.' Happy Delurking Day.

May said...

Hi! I'm a lurker, I don't think I have ever commented before - and I confess that I just love reading about your daily life and stuff your kids have got up to. My daily life is currently child care for much younger children so it's good to see what it's like with older ones around!

~SwAmPy~ said...

Well, you know me well enough to understand I always comment if I'm here.
Problem is, I've just not had the time to bloghop lately.
Miss you at my place, blogbud.

Roger said...

Hi!!!! :D

Kaytabug said...

So not a lurker! I'll be stalking you though this July!!! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!
Love you!

owlfan said...

I comment occasionally, but not too often. I enjoy the look at what I've got coming up, with 2 boys 11 and 14.

Karen said...

It's me, FabGrandma, coming by to say HI! I've missed you!

Bookwoman said...

Long time lurker saying hi!

Rachael said...

I was on vacation and MISSED posting on delurking day this year. GRR... Well, I am late, but I'm here!

Pamela said...

I don't lurk ... but I could put on my best Klingon Face and de-cloak.
Ha Ha!

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